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"It takes about 30 hours of intensive tuition at director level to reach speaking ability - but speech which is naturally conversant - rather than classical role play models. In other words, the pupil can make himself understood and cope with real life situations in the German language".

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Competitive rates

CP Ltd, German Language Courses Tuition and Translations was established in 1982. We work with clients throughout London and the Eastern region using my proven exclusive teaching method.

Teaching method

Initially, we utilise carefully devised picture descriptions together with my own simplified system of German Grammar Analysis which enables pupils to grasp the basic fundamentals and working of grammatical structure within four hours. This usually takes up to 3 years at night school - or is never properly understood.

We augment this with a variety of tapes, grammar - related stories, current German publications and news media and television programmes, tailored to the customer, which I make available on video.

Throughout the course the pupil is supplied with relevant written material - on current affairs, real situations and their own business matters. Full written material is provided regularly and homework given and marked as required.

We have on several occasions taught pupils who have tried to learn with expensive language schools, tapes etc. While they may have gained some vocabulary, We have found they are unable to communicate in a real way in German, but after a spell of tuition with my system they have become fluent.  see german language courses

CP Ltd In working with leading companies, this teaching method has been successfully proven with small groups. Groups of no more than 5 ensure that written and spoken fluency can be achieved in a reasonable space of time.  Other Language Courses

"What our customers say"  Excellent tuition G.Harris HJHJ

Working with reality - not "role play" situations

Business rather than "holiday" focus
My fee structure provides the best value for money.
Hourly rates from £35 GBP plus VAT (One person)

Group rates from £45 GBP
Each job individually costed.
Fees from £150 GBP per thousand words.

Special discounts offered as appropriate on both tuition and translations.

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